Thursday, December 10, 2009

Self Reflection- part 1

Posted by Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ at 7:02 AM

OK, since it’s early December and we’re counting our last days of this year, I decided to make this post. I’m going to ask myself questions and answer it with honesty. 

1. What am I doing here??

Hmmm.. this is a tricky question, but actually it’s easy to answer.. if you know the purpose of your life, it’ll only take a second to answer this..

What I’m doing here is to serve God’s purpose. 

Seems easy, right? Well, for me, whatever I’m doing here in this is solely to serve God’s purpose in me for this world. I know that I’m here for a purpose, and it’s not mine to decide, because I’m a daughter of God, and it’s my obligation to obey. Maybe you’d think, “Don’t you have any desire what to achieve in your life, like a success?”



You see, since I was a newborn in Jesus, I realized..

I don’t have human desires anymore, like the desire to be a rich and successful person, or to be a media mogul or maybe a millionaire.

I don’t have that kind of urge anymore. It’s just evaporated in the air.

Life is no longer a life if you’re away from Jesus, if  I may say so.

My life, my body, my voice, my music and my writings are for Jesus only.


2. The second question would be, Am I satisfied with my life?

Yup! You bet I am.

Of course there are times of difficulties and challenges, but..

All in all, I feel very contented with this life God has given me.

In my life, I can have hope, where other people wouldn’t dare to dream about it.

I can have certainty, when other people are always afraid and worry.

I’m not alone, for He’s always beside me.

I have the greatest treasure of them all, and I have it by His Grace.

Now you tell me, isn’t that great or what?? ^^


Well, this is it for part 1, I’m going to continue it to part 2, and so on. Until the end of this December. I’d say.. Why don’t you do this post too?

Just 2 simple question for part 1 and you’re good to go! ^^

God bless you all!! ^^


(btw, I listened to Israel Houghton’s songs while I was writing this post, love his voice! Now that’s what I called the gift from God..)


acutelife said...

Hi darl, love your post! it's so true about the purpose of our life :) it's to serve His purpose, not ours

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