Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going Cartoon-ish! ^^

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I want to share an illustration, I took it from my mom’s blog..


Cute right? ^^ May it blesses us all! Gbu…

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Self Reflection –part 2-

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I think I’ve been delaying this post for so long..

It’s been two months since my last post here, hmm.. I think I have to be more diligent.. :)

Anyway, for my self reflection –part 2- post, I think it’s best to base it on this book that I recently read, “The Shack”. I guess many of you have read it since it’s one of the bestseller.. and maybe you feel, “Wow! Is it true that God really like that in person? How can you ‘meet’ God, actually? or, I don’t think that it could really happen in this real life..” 

Well, to be honest, I was so wowed at first.

I thought, “Wow.. If I can meet God in a place like that, what would I say to Him ya? Can I say, God, I’m sorry for all the bad things I’ve done.. or, I would be so mad at Him? ”

Hmm… Maybe option no.2 is what I’m going to do..

I’ll be so mad at Him until the point that I’ll blame Him for all of the bad things that’s happened to me.. :( I’m not making it up, it’s true..

Sometimes, when I feel so sick and tired for all of the troubles and dilemma.. I’ll say to God, “God, I can’t take this anymore.. Please take away these troubles from me.. Why did you give me this complicated situation anyway?” I was blaming God.. And then I’ll cried my heart out.

But then, after my tears are dried up and I feel better afterwards, I started to think again with my coolheaded mind. I’d say to myself, this situation is not God’s fault, it surely not! Maybe all of these happened for a reason.. I was sad because of that, of course.. But is blaming God the right thing to do?

I don’t think so.. (I can say this AFTER my head is clear.. :) )

I have to admit, all of the things that happened to me, brought me some goodness too.. Because, if I never had those troubles, I would never learn how to deal with the cruel life. All I ever learn would be the good things only, I’ll never know what it feels like to be suffering from pain, aches and even depression. It’s hard in the process, but in the end, after I got through of it, I know the pain will go away…

No pictures in this post, cause I meant it to be a self reflection one.. :)

Visit The Shack book website here.

I’ll see you at the next post!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Self Reflection- part 1

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OK, since it’s early December and we’re counting our last days of this year, I decided to make this post. I’m going to ask myself questions and answer it with honesty. 

1. What am I doing here??

Hmmm.. this is a tricky question, but actually it’s easy to answer.. if you know the purpose of your life, it’ll only take a second to answer this..

What I’m doing here is to serve God’s purpose. 

Seems easy, right? Well, for me, whatever I’m doing here in this is solely to serve God’s purpose in me for this world. I know that I’m here for a purpose, and it’s not mine to decide, because I’m a daughter of God, and it’s my obligation to obey. Maybe you’d think, “Don’t you have any desire what to achieve in your life, like a success?”



You see, since I was a newborn in Jesus, I realized..

I don’t have human desires anymore, like the desire to be a rich and successful person, or to be a media mogul or maybe a millionaire.

I don’t have that kind of urge anymore. It’s just evaporated in the air.

Life is no longer a life if you’re away from Jesus, if  I may say so.

My life, my body, my voice, my music and my writings are for Jesus only.


2. The second question would be, Am I satisfied with my life?

Yup! You bet I am.

Of course there are times of difficulties and challenges, but..

All in all, I feel very contented with this life God has given me.

In my life, I can have hope, where other people wouldn’t dare to dream about it.

I can have certainty, when other people are always afraid and worry.

I’m not alone, for He’s always beside me.

I have the greatest treasure of them all, and I have it by His Grace.

Now you tell me, isn’t that great or what?? ^^


Well, this is it for part 1, I’m going to continue it to part 2, and so on. Until the end of this December. I’d say.. Why don’t you do this post too?

Just 2 simple question for part 1 and you’re good to go! ^^

God bless you all!! ^^


(btw, I listened to Israel Houghton’s songs while I was writing this post, love his voice! Now that’s what I called the gift from God..)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So many things to be thankful for..

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Today is Thanksgiving..

And there are so many things that need to be thankful for..

I have a wonderful life that God has given to me..

My family, who’s always be there for me..

My friends, who’s always stand by me through the good and bad times..

And my Lord Jes us Christ, You are forever so amazing to me..

I’ve never seen anyone like You, Jesus, who never get tired of me, hehe..

No matter when I was bad and don’t listen to Your Words..

Or when I fall to the lowest point of my life.


But hey, isn’t that life’s all about?

We made mistakes,  we do good things..

There are blessings, tears and joy..

I’m so grateful for everything!

A Very Special Thank You for Jesus…

For Being The Best Friend in my life, forever and always! ^^


ps: What about you? What are you thankful for today, in this Thanksgiving? Do comment here and let me know about it! ^^

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Love You, God!

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I guess I've begin to see the whole picture now..
There are lot of things that I don't understand in the past, but I do now.
Maybe, just maybe..
I have found my destiny..
And I know, that I'm born for this.

God, I love my life.
And thank You for making it so special for me.. ^^

Friday, September 4, 2009

A little update..

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I just bought the CS Lewis book, Mere Christianity and Problem of Pain.. I've been wanting this book for a long time!! ^^ I haven't finished reading it, so I guess more pictures will be coming next!
Oh ya, I want to share it with all of you, I think I've been closer to God lately.. when I pray, I feel I can touch the presence of God, and it makes me so calm and relaxed.. peace here in my heart.. ^^
You know, people used to say that they feel excited or a sense of euphoria when they feel the presence of GOD, but I don't. In my heart I feel like it's so calming, and making me want to sit still in His lap..Just like Mary (Martha's sister in the BIble), hehe.. ^^
How about you? What do you feel when you're praying?? ^^

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Quick Post! ^^

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A lot has happened to me lately.. ^^

Bad things and good things too.. But there is something I wanna share with you..

I recently bought Rick Warren's book "The Purpose Driven Life".. (after so long.. hehe..^^)

And it has been an inspiration for me..
It made me realized that we are here in this earth, only to serve Him and to please Him only..

We are here to make God happy.. It's not for us, it's for Him..

It just strucked me in the head and made me go like, "Now I get it!" ^^

How about you??

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