Thursday, July 9, 2009

My ipod is rescued!! Thank you, Jesus!!

Posted by Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ at 2:22 AM

You know what, I thought that last night my ipod just crashed, you know, kaboom or something like that..I prayed to God, "Jesus, please.. you know how much I need this, please don't make anything bad or something else happen to my ipod.." I prayed like that, over and over.. The most devastating part for me is when I saw the Ipod status, it says it's been corrupted or something, so it need to be restored. Oh dear.. not again.. I was so depressed and sad..
But, you know what? I can hear that God's voice was whispering to me and said, "Don't be affraid, it was the Satan's attempt to knock you down, if you can get through this, you will know that your ipod is just fine.."
So, I prayed that God will give the strength to deliver me from this test, and I went to sleep. I'm not worry anymore.
And you know what happen today, just before I posted this? It turned out to be my ipod is in perfect condition and it's all can be synced up. So, there's nothing bad happened.
Hmm.. That's weird, I think. Yesterday, it didn't even show up in my itunes screen, and it needed to be restored, but now it's perfectly normal?? This rather odd situation just make me even more believe in God, and even further, it's getting clearer that what happen in the spirit world was more real than what we see in this real world. It is more important to believe in what He said, and always have faith. You're gonna need it. ^^v


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